'Oh, Bast, daughter of Ra,
I trust that my offerings have pleased you.
May I now ask of you my boon.
You, oh Lady, are of the gods who protect this world.
Thunder and lightning strike the skies,
But you return in glory with your father, the Sun.
You can blast and you can forgive.
You can punish and you can reward.
You have died and yet you live.
It is whispered that if one man or woman should believe in your power,
You can harken to the prayers of all the world.
Hear me, Oh Bast,
Your children are suffering in this world.
Ignorant people are hurting cats,
And I ask that you intervene.

May your Eye of Fire turn upon those who do harm to cats.
May the light of your Eye illuminate their actions,
So they may be caught, stopped and punished.
Oh Bast, protect your children on this earth.
Enfold them in your essence,
So they may travel the night without being seen by those who would harm them.
Empower your priests and priestesses to expedite your work.
Bast, protect all cats,
Protect them and let none harm them.
Defend them and let none harm them.
Shield them and let it harm none.

Quando eu lembrar como é que se respira, eu volto.

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