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"A soulmate is someone who pushes buttons in us that no-one else can.
A soulmate is someone you have a deep bond with, beyond words and understanding. It is a person who you will learn and grow from more than in any other relationship. Soulmates teach us who we are and who we are not. They show us what we need to let go off and what we need to enhance. They magnify our inner beauty and strengths as well as our imperfections and weaknesses. They are someone with whom we find home. Being with a soulmate does not mean you will live happily ever after. Soulmates find each other and connect so as to move each other forward in life and often the journey is shared together only for a few years or months. The lessons are always deep, with extreme emotions of happiness and pain. 'Both will undergo an emotional transformation, a soul cleansing, for being together will dredge up all of their unfinished emotional business and feelings of which they may not even have believed themselves capable. This may feel like a 'fatal attraction,' and one that is irresistible, even if one or both of them wants to run the other way. A significant part of their purpose in coming together is to lear up and heal the past...old grief, jealousies, wounds and unresolved emotions, many of which they may have forgotten about until now! They will inspire each other to try to live out some of their highest ideals or best dreams.
No matter what, nothing and no-one can break the invisible soul connection between soulmates... Not death or time or distance. At another place in the eternity of time, the two of you will pick up and continue where you left off.

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