Sessão LARApia

Ele, de novo.
Sempre me encantando.


God of runes seeks muse to inspire kindle (crave) my soul with unconcerned eyes that never look up from the page they're reading, glancing smiles that know, and practiced hands that scribble on moleskine pages just the right words; with the throaty lowness of names whispered and songs sung soft to herself; with the expert play of smiles, words, and her guitar; with the perfected wearing of sweaters, scarves, and knee-high socks. Meet me in cafe corners, bookshop aisles, and the lyrics of every song stuck in your head.

A more perfect union; a light set on a hill; a beacon of freedom; a nation of men proudly certain of their own value; a land of justice freedom production achievement; a country whose very existence was a monument to man's right to exist for himself. Answers to the name "America".

November, the first month of the coming of darkness; the in-between of seasons when light grows sparse and cold for all but those whose warmth and illumination are found within. Found, with intimacy in the hanging low of clouds, the race of first snow with still falling leaves, and nature's grey victory over a world of color. Found, with comfort in knit sweater hugs, early nightfall, and air that burns with the hint of home family hearth. Found, and I just wanted you to know I'm not giving it up.

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