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"The astronomy of souls

Stop all for a moment and consider that:
There are millions of stars, but you only see a handful of them with the naked eye. Look longer further deeper and you'll see increasingly more of them.
Stars have different compositions than other bodies in the universe.
Stars burn. In burning, they generate their own light.
Being self-luminous makes stars different from planets moons asteroids comets which shine by reflecting second-hand the light of their native star.
The more stars burn, the heavier they get.
Stars attract other objects (sometimes with a gravity so strong it devours them).
Star do not revolve around other objects; they are quite at home at the center of their own systems.
Stars are the original universal constants.
Stars travel regularly; but they always come back.
Two stars in close enough proximity will interact by exchanging matter mass fuel.
Strike "stars", insert "souls".

Can you dig it?

Posted By Odin.

Simplesmente *P*E*R*F*E*I*T*O*
Tirado de um blog do acaso...daqueles que vc tropeça sem querer...
Mas não foi por acaso.
Pq nada nessa vida acontece por acaso.

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