Aki era pra ter uma imagenzinha do Falkor lindo, mas infelizmente o geocities assim não permite! :O( So.. Use your imagination!

~*Never Ending Story*~
by Limahl

Turn around,
Look at what you see,
In her face,
The mirror of your dreams,

Make believe I'm everywhere,
Given In The Lines,
Written on the pages,
Is the answer to a neverending story,

Reach the stars,
Fly a fantasy,
Dream a dream,
And what you see will be,


Rhymes that keep their secrets,
Will unfold behind the clouds,
And there upon the rainbow,
Is the answer to a neverending story,


Show no fear,
For she may fade away,
In your hands,
The birth of a new day,

Neverending story...(aaah,aaah,aaah)

Pq diabos eu lembrei dessa música hoje? :O)
*procurando pra baixar*

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